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This year I was fortunate enough to attended the 80th Members Meeting at Goodwood, Chichester. Compared to revival or FOS, members allows you to get up close and personal. Full access to the cars you love and the drivers you support.

On display and racing was a wide range of modern and classic cars. Included in this were road cars modified for race and genuine bonafide race cars with the most impressive on track being the GT40's.

Despite a wet week, we were lucky enough to see sun on the day. Regrettably though there wasn't enough sun to dry up the mud! This did leave the track a little damp and probably aided with a few of the offs.

Overall thoughts:

It was a good day out, enough to keep you busy but you have to make a choice between watching the racing and mooching about. If you just watch racing, you will miss everything else. If you see everything, you will miss the racing. It was also incredibly busy for what was a closed event. Would I go again? I feel I would go next year on the hope to see some other cars racing as for a Ferrari enthusiast, I didn't see any on track.


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