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Total 911 Issue 198

We are excited to share that our first editorial with Total 911 is now live and on shelves for you to buy! Fantastic experience working with Lee their chief editor and the owners themselves.

The first set “The evolution of Rennsport” is a twin car feature with the original 2.7 RS and the new GT3 RS. Using the local area, we produced a varied set of stills and tracking images all using natural light. The most challenging aspect of this shoot was trying to get both cars lined up for long enough period of time so that the photo could be taken.

Our second set of images were of the 3.2 Cab. Thanks to our friends First Choice Detailing, they were able to source us the car and provide us with space. The intention of this shot was to work as a buyers guide for the 3.2 Cab and needed a studio style feel. Using the technique of light painting, we bathed the 911 in strobe light to replicate that soft cyclorama stlye finish to the paint.

This was a great first outing with T911 and we can’t wait to share other projects we have currently with them.


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