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Amore Per La Rosso Auto

From 10 years of passion for the Cavallino Rampante comes Rosso Auto. Explore photographer Damian Blades' history with Ferrari. The people he has met, the events, culture and of course, cars!

10 Years in The Making

"Going back to 2008 I came across a Ferrari F40 heading towards a local Ferrari specialist. With curiosity getting the better of me, I followed the white rabbit straight down that rabbit hole and into the world of Ferrari. 10 years later the brand has made a massive impact on my life. At the age of 34 I still have a long life ahead of me to experience Maranello's finest but I wanted to capture my experience so far and share to many what is a closed off world and how a chance encounter

sculpted my career."


What is
Rosso Auto?

Rosso Auto or The Red Car, is a coffee table style book that shares photographer and author, Damian Blades' history with Ferrari. A passionate, non-owner, it covers his time with the brand and features cars from Road & Race, events, exhibits, meetings, culture and Maranello, laced with anecdotes about his experiences. This book is not designed to be factually correct but more as a talking point, the inspiration to go out and follow the cavallino rampante. 

What To Expect?

Rosso Auto is not just another historical book with someone's interpretation nor is it a coffee table book filled with lovely photos. Instead Rosso Auto is the bridged gap between them both. You will see in photos and accompanying text Damian Blades' history with Ferrari. All images and text in Rosso Auto were taken by and are true to Damian's experience which makes this book unique.

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Not Just

Ferrari has a rich history that spans Enzo’s early years as a driver to becoming race principle for Alfa and then the Scuderia before his death in the 80’s. Rosso Auto features history from il Commendatore life and legacy from locations that are important to the history of Ferrari and Tipo’s which cemented them into annals of time.

Not Just

Unlike most brands, Ferrari has developed a culture which owners and fans can become a part of. Whether it be race days for F1 or Le Mans, dining at one of their restaurants or dressing to impress whilst visiting a museo, there are many ways for you to join in with the Scuderia.


Not Just

From track days to concours, there are multiple events held throughout the year and across the world to feature and celebrate Ferrari. With some being invite only, others being all welcome, these events let you get up close and personal with the brand, the owners and the cars.

Not Just

Welcome to the Atelier where within reason you can have anything you like. Deep dive into some of the craziest options I have seen come through on cars including engines, specialist interiors, coloured carbon, outlandish colours and copious amounts of accessories and paraphernalia.  


Not Just

Enzo had been overseeing his race teams since the early days of GP. From the start to now, the transformation of what we call a Formula 1 car has changed dramatically, with every year pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Follow the journey of development.

Not Just

Probably surpassing the race side of Ferrari today, their road going division was only ever seen to help fund Enzo’s racing pursuits. From the early 166 to the latest Purosangue, the road division has become a popular and important part of Ferrari. I wonder what Enzo with make of his stable today?

Ferrari Dino Red Side.jpg

Not Just

A dream, turned into a business, racing for Enzo’s was his ultimate pursuit. Only developing the road cars to fund his racing, Enzo developed a wide range to win fabled races around the world. From road racing to track. After his death Ferrari kept true to the company vision and until this day still make their mark in racing.

Art From The Book

Example Pages

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Be Part Of Rosso Auto
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Cars So Far

Below is a compiled list of the cars featured so far in Rosso Auto. All images are taken by Damian Blades.

My car is already on your list, would you still want it?

The images for Rosso Auto have been taken over 10 years. Some images are great, others could be better, also having more variants and options help when designing the book. Even if your car is on the list below, please still submit your request if you are interested.  

125    s        
166    Spider    Inter    Corsa
166    Inter    Berlinetta    
195    Inter    Coupe    Motto
195    Inter    Ghia    
375    F1        
ARNO    XI        
212    F1        
212    Inter    Berlinetta    Pininfarina
340    America    Spider    Vignale
500    F1        
225    S    Berlinetta    Vignale
250    Europa    Vignale    Coupe
250    MM        
250    MM    Berlinetta    Pininfarina
250    MM    Spider    Vignale
340    MM        
375    MM    Spider    Pininfarina
250    GT    Europa    
625    F1        
750    Monza        
250    GT    Coupe    Boano
410    Superamerica    Series III    Pininfarina
857    S        
250    GT    Berlinetta    
250    GT    Berlinetta    Lusso
250    GT    Berlinetta    TDF
250    GT    SWB    
290    MM        
500    TR    Spider    Scaglietti
860    Monza    Fangio    Car
250    California        
250    GT    Cabriolet    Series I
250    Testa    Rossa    
246    F1        
250    GT    Coupe    Pininfarina
250    GT    Cabriolet    Series II
250    GTE        
250    SWB    C    
156    F1        
250    GT    Sperimentale    
250    Breadvan        
250    GTO        
330    America    2+2    
330    GTO        
158    F1        
250    Drogo    Edition    
250    LM        

275    GTB    4CAM  

275    GTB    2CAM  

 275    GTS        

275    P        

330    GT    2+2    Quad Light

330    GTC        
330    GTC        
Can AM            
Dino    206        
330    GT    2+2    Series II
365    GT    2+2    
365    Daytona        
365    GTB4        
365    GTS        
365    Plexiglass        
245    GT        
365    GTC4        
246    GTS        
Mondial    Cabriolet        
288    GTO        
Mondial    3.2        
F40    GT        
348    TB        
348    TS        
Testarossa    Spider        
512    TR        
348    Challenge        
348    GT    Competizione    
348    GTB        
348    GTS        
355    Berlinetta        
512    M        
355    Challenge        
355    GTS        
355    Spider        
412    T2        
335    F1        
355    Spider    F1    
360    Modena    

360    Spider        

550    Barchetta        

575    GTZ    Nibbio Zagato    

575    M        Enzo     


360    Challenge    Stradale    

612    Scagelietti      


575    Superamerica

430    Spider        
599    GTB    Fiorano    
599    HGTE        
430    Challenge        
430    Scuderia        
430    16M        
458    Italia        
599    GTO        
458    Challenge        
458    GT3        
458    Spider        
F12    Berlinetta        
F12    Novitech        
458    Speciale        
La Ferrari            
150    LM        
458    Speciale    Aperta    
California    T        
488    70th    Anniversary    
488    GTB        
488    Spider        
F12    TDF        
488    GTE        
GTC4    Lusso        
La Ferrari    Aperta        
488    Challenge        
812    Superfast        
FXX    K    EVO    
GTC4    Lusso    T    
488    Pista    Piloti    
488    Pista        
488    Pista    Spider    
488    P80    C    
812    GTS        
F8    Tributo        
Monza    Sp1        
Monza    SP2        
296    GTB        
812    Competizione              




Damian Blades - Photographer

Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

01202 287 088

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