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Finally, after months of waiting the best show in the UK was back, Italian car day at Brooklands, hosted by Auto Italia. Help every year (covid exceptions) over the may bank holiday weekend, this event is open to all Italian marques and takes place on the historic race grounds of Brooklands where famous racing drivers like Stirling Moss once raced the banked circuit.

Quieter compared to some years, the event was still jam packed with some of the best examples of Italian cars. Brooklands is also a great day out for non-car people thanks to its history with planes.

The New Maserati MC20

Exceptionally excited to see this one. In the flesh its not as awe inspiring as the marketing images depicted. However, fantastic new stepping stone from Maserati.

A Collection of Ferrari's

A Collection of Lamborghini's

The SLR, Old & New

Taking it to Track

More Than Just Cars

Test Your Car


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