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Back again for the first breakfast meeting of the year at Goodwood. Since 2022's event, the cars and attendance has certainly gained in popularity and size. The event had a wide range of cars from classic to modern, interlaced with some super rare cars including the AMG ONE.

Of course my favourite horsepower producers were there in force, Ferrari! With the show stopper here being Peter Saywell's Viola HK 812 Comp.

Interesting cross section of Ferrari progression. GT and mid-engines. 430 V8 now the 296 V6 and the 456 V12 now the Roma V8

The real show stopper had to be the AMG ONE from Mercedes-Benz.

Lamborghini was also here in force with models from across the range and years. Personal favourite being the Muira.

Despite being intensely busy, it was a fantastic day out and free! All images belong to all trading names of Damian Blades. To use, please contact me


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