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I was in my local coffee shop and a client's, client walked in. He had just arrived back from Germany. I said that my partner and I had wanted to go to a Christmas market but it had proven to be a bit of a minefield of where to go and costs. He recommended Dresden as the place to go and it not costing overly that much. When I arrived home I explained to my partner and the search began and regrettably Dresden was more expensive than we had expected, especially in December when their market open. However, Munich's Christmas market opened in November and thanks to this the prices of everything were cheaper. Perfect, booked!

The date rolled around and there we where, off to Munich! Like most hotels you tend to find in the lobby a "things to do with discounts" wall. A few things captured my eye but randomly a leaflet for Motorworld München caught the eye of my partner. I gave it a quick Google and saw the general vibe on the inside and decided it would coincide with us heading to the Olympic park.

As you walk up to it the main thing that gets you in the sheer size of the building, it is huge! With a very discreet entrance and a couple of not specific doors you enter a motoring mecca! Taking your first step inside feels like walking into Narnia, the ceilings are vast and the internal scale everything is huge. Generally at museums that feature cars their is only just enough room to walk through, consider Beaulieu National Motor Museum. Not Motorworld. There were cars maneuvering around with ease and ample space to walk around without even bumping into another person let alone an exhibit.

Then the most magnificent site in the world caught my attention... A Bugatti dealership. Dorset has a very exceptionally wealthy area and yes, you do see some super cars rolling around, but hyper cars, no. I have been lucky enough to sit in and move a Veyron but at that point in time it was a decade old and the Chiron had been released for a fair while, but there they were, the La Voiture Noire, Centodecti and Divo, just there with a thin bit of rope separating us from them and it didn't stop there inside was the Bolide race car (or Le Bolide means race car in French) and Mistral!

To the left of Bugatti was Mclaren's dealership and service centre. I am not the biggest fan of Mclaren but could still appreciate the cars and some of their more unique car such as the Speedtail, Senna GTR and P1.

Walking down the vast halls there is no escape from random cars dotted around that are automotive master pieces.

One of the most unique features of this building is its internal racking system for car storage. Where it can move and slide like a sliding puzzle. Getting your head around the logistical master piece is the hard part and also trying identify all the hidden gems including more Bugatti's in the form of the Veyron, 991.2 918 powered 911 Turbo S, Ford GT multiple prototypes and race cars!

The building is a mix of restaurants, cafes, boutique car shops and dealerships. The dealerships icluded brands like Mclaren, Bugatti and AMG but there was also stand alone which had their own unique mix of cars including a Mansory Veyron, Maybach G-Wagon, crystal encrusted Rolls-Royce and Paul Walker's R34 GTR (distastefully placed next to a CGT).

I noticed at the very rear of the building there was a platform with a few Ferrari's on it. I spotted a little service elevator to the left and we took that up. It happened to be a RM Sotheby's auction which had finished. Before seeing all of the cars I was kicked out as I shouldn't have been there, whoops! However, didn't stop me getting a few snaps before being asked to leave.

Overall, Motorworld München was a fantastic experience and well worth the visit when you are in Munich! For travel use the Metro. You are in Zone M and from the central Station, Line 6 takes you all the way there making it a fast and cheap way of getting to it.


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