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My Garage Denmark

Owned by the other half of the LEGO family, My Garage is a purpose-built car heaven based in Vejle, Denmark. Entering the building through the middle you can venture off to the left and right wings of garage where you can discover some incredible cars.

The business comprises of storage, sales and service. Unlike most businesses in the UK this incorporates multiple brands working in one space, opposed to one brand, one space. Starting from the left wing you will come across a general high-end garage, storage, Porsche service and sales and Lotus.

In the centre you will find a mix of Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Dallara, Morgan and Bentley. In the right wing you will discover more services including detailing and high-end mechanics.

Finally capping the end of the right wing is Formula 1 (Ferrari approved dealer) diamonds, cigars and wine… as you do.

I think it is safe to say that My Garage is the be all for car and luxury enthusiast. Regrettably it is missing food and drink for non-members but none the less it provides a pleasant atmosphere to walk around experience cars in a chic environment. Treating them more as art, all the cars are bathed in passive, ambient light as dulcet tones play in the background via B&O Beosound wall speakers.

Prior to our arrival I did contact My Garage and was provided a walk-around. Maybe it was because of this, but we were left in peace to enjoy the environment, but we weren’t bothered by anyone. There is a sense of opulence when you walk in and maybe due to this it keeps the public out as it was quiet. Even with the qualities of a car museum, you didn’t have to fight crowds or pay to go in.

Next time I am in Denmark I will certainly plan to visit again as the environment is forever changing. It is a shame they missed out on a coffee shop otherwise it would be the perfect place to work from.


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