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Sunday the 29th of January 2023 saw the first Piston Heads meet of the year held at Gaydon's British Motor Museum. With a bursting list of people, it was expected to see over 800 forum members!

There was an eclectic mix of cars with a few gems hidden amongst the pack including a Ferrari 400i and a CLK 63 as my personal favourites.

Split in to 2 buildings the main museum houses a mix of British cars from across the years, café, memorabilia and learning areas. What makes the collection great is the cross section of cars it has. Early pre-war and post war, family cars, road, race, film and land speed. With brand support given to Land Rover, Austin and Vauxhall.

Across the way is a museum dedicated to Jaguar cars, storage and the workshop.

A short stroll down the hall and you are greeted with E-Types across all 3 series. I am not the biggest lover of E-Types (namely because I can't fit/drive in them) but they are a hopelessly pretty car.

More movie references with the Jaguar XKR from Austin Powers and Tomorrow Never Dies and the CX75 from Spectre. Compare it to the Project 7, god knows how Dave Bautista fit in there!

Next to the CX75 you also had 2 project cars the 7 and 8. I have been privileged enough to drive both and they are a handful!

Up and above you get a great view of the workshop. Just love how small the Vauxhall looks on the ramp!

Upstairs provides a vantage point to the workshop but also opens up the storage area. Here you will find some real weird and wonderful things but mainly a strong collection of Land Rover's.

Maybe it is unpatriotic of me but I don't covet British cars. Italian all the way! However, their where some highlights for me including a Lotus Carlton, Metro 6R4 and Chassis 000 of the Metro 6R4.

The British Motor Museum is generally a great day out, but thanks to Piston Heads for organising it all!


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