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Over the past couple of weeks Ferrari 812 GTS models have been rolling in from Modena and I have been privy to seeing and photographing some exceptional variants.

Green Machine

Finished in Verde Blenheim and trim with heritage mahogany leather, the "green machine" is certainly designed to stand out from the pack.

Ferrari Photography

Vintage Racer

With a spec inspired by the 250 SWB of yester year, this GTS has classic silver paint and line finish with a subtle interior.

Ferrari Photography

Fine Wine

Not the most outlandish spec we've seen but like fine wine it is pure class with a Ferromet paint and a Bordeaux leather interior.

Ferrari Photography

Blue Noir

We worked with this owner quite closely during the build process to help him choose which spec would be right for his 812 GTS. In the end he went for the darkest blue shade, blue America which in many lights comes across black. with black wheels this particularly GTS is very stealth.


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