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McLaren is one of the corner stones of British automotive racing history. Granted, in recent year they haven’t had many heydays and their road cars have developed a name for themselves but their glory days with Ron Dennis at the helm certainly placed them as one of the pinnacles.

With a history of wins on the track, McLaren wanted to make a name for itself on the road with the legendary McLaren F1 which was launched in 1992 and was the first NA car to hit 200mph+ and the fastest car in the world! It held this title for 15 years but still hold the worlds fast N/A car title 30 years on. Only 100-odd cars were ever made with most now in collections as this car sits north of £15million!

Based on the McLaren F1 a GTR variant was released. Supplied to race, the GTR won its debut at Le Mans. To be ready to race the original F1 needed updated suspension, body panels a big wing. This was known as the “Long Tail”. The name originally derives from the F1 Grand Prix cars from 1997 that received additional bodywork with longer rear overhangs to improve aerodynamics and reduce weight. Like the GTR, the F1 car had modified components to improve its on track handling.

Mclaren 675 LT Spider

Released in 2015, the 675 LT was the first road car to take the mantle of Long Tail. Essentially a 650s, the 675 LT was lighter, more powerful and track focused. Granted, the car isn’t any longer but it still received the same treatment including a weight reduction and upgraded carbon panels.

Mclaren 600 LT Spider

In 2018 we saw the 600 LT, based on the 570s, it has had its performance dialled back as not to step on the 675 LT’s toes.

Mclaren 765 LT Spider

And now the 765 LT. Based on the 720s chassis, it follows the same formula but this is the big boy. 80kg lighter and 755 BHP. This car is not for the faint hearted.


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