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Now I am not looking to put myself out of business but, I would rather you took better photos! So here are 5 steps to help you improve your sales photography.

1.Use a professional camera!

You could say I am kit bashing but simply put, iPhones do not cut the mustard at least not for higher end cars. Thanks to their AI and naff lenses, iPhones don’t really capture colours and clarity as well as a professional DSLR cameras. You don’t need to spends £1,000’s but you do want a kit worth around £500-£1000 (camera, lens, tripod and polarizing filter). With a professional camera using a zoom lens you have a lot of scope for capturing a high-quality image which does stand out on Autotrader.

2.Use a tripod

Cars look better at lower angles! All images should be taken at headlight height. That’s where the designer intended you look so that’s where you need to take your photo. The best way to save your knees, back and keep your images consistent is with a tripod. They make tripods which fit iPhones so no excuses. There are tripods for cameras and iPhones which start from as little as £10.

3.Pick a background which suits

I appreciate most dealers do not want to move stock from one location to another, but you need to make the most of what you have. Try to use an empty corner of your lot. I appreciate you may feel showing a full forecourt looks good but in a tiny image it is hard to work out what you are selling and makes the image look cluttered.

Stay away from grass. Grass is not the car’s natural habitat and therefore not the best places to photograph them.

4.Use a CPL polarizing lens

CPL polarizing filters help cut reflections and gives more clarity to the paint. You can get these for your iPhone but they need to be CPL filters. CPL polarizer filters can spin which cuts the reflections in different ways. In use you will find out how useful this is.

5.Edit them!

Programs like lightroom only cost £8 a month and can really boost your images look. With simple adjustments (even on auto mode) can make a big difference. Using programs such as lightroom will let you export at the golden ratio of 2048pixels wide. At this ratio most platforms will not compress your images making your images look higher-res against your competitors.

Rather leave it to the professionals?

Save time, effort and money by outsourcing your photos to a professional automotive photographer. Book you car in today! 01202 287088


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