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In the car world certain lines fall between brands like a football and when it comes to Deutsche Wagons I am not a BMW fan. I enjoy some of their cars but by no means do I know anything about the history, follow them in motor sport or live and die for the M power. So whilst in Munich I decided to learn more about the Bavarian Motor Works.

Located next to the Olympic Park is everything BMW, their head quarters, manufacturing, dealership and museum. Starting with the museum it is a multi-level experience which spans across the years of BMW which included cars and bikes. The building is very striking and over bearing as the cup shaped outside over hangs you as you walk in, some what dominating your view.

For €10 Per Person entry fee you get all day access to the museum. There is a cafe located at the entrance and all bags need to be stored. The start of the experience shows you BMW's first car and bike and explains their entrance in to the world.

From here there is a very impressive exhibit currently being installed which features BMW's time line through bikes. Not a big bike fan myself, I can still appreciate the history.

The whole museum uses a soft, ambient light to guide you through with a mix of glass, metal, wood and concrete pathways. All overlaying and intersecting one another to provide a view from all angles.

The exhibit also opened up BMW's role in the aero industry and provided many technical views of the engines, chassis and coachwork.

There were two fitting tributes to the 3 and 5 series with the 5 being an impressive stacked display that was located across from and all seeing eye of badges.

On the lower levels there was a fitting tribute to BMW's M cars and motor sport history. This featured the original M1 and "bat mobile".

As you leave the exhibit you pass a few more M car including their super unique BMW M4 GTS and a stepped evolution of the M8 which was featured under a very corporate slogan staircase.

Across the way is BMW Welt which is their dealership experience. In here you won't see many history making cars but you will see some supremely impressive architecture and the full range of new BMW's, Mini's and Rolls Royce's .

Would I say my mind was changed on the chequered circle? Regrettably not. I still don't get that "fizz" as James May would say but I do have new and improved respect towards the cars. None the less I would say it is an exceptional experience and worth the visit. To get here the best and cheapest route is via the Metro, Zone M taking the U2 and U3 to Olympic Park.


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