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Ferrari Monza SP2

Part of the icona car series, the Monza is a special edition one (SP1) or two(SP2) seater open top race car. Based on the 812, the Monza shares very little with the current V12 in terms of styling making it an exceptionally unique car.

Ferrari 812 Competizione

Like the Monza, the Competizione is part of the Icona series of cars produced by Ferrari. Unlike the Monza, the Comp shares the same styling as the 812 it is bodied upon but with a more aggressive styling. Regrettably I didn't get to photograph this one professionally but it will be featured soon.

Porsche 911's

The first generation of Porsche is known as the 911 which included model variants such as the Carrera, 3.2, Supersport and RS. You don't often get to see many of these all together and in the same colour of guards red!

Porsche 911 992 GT3

Keeping the Porsche theme going with the brand new GT3 in purple. With so many people picking Shark Blue, it is great to see this owner has broken the mould!

Ferrari F12 TDF

The last of the special edition "non-icona" cars, the TDF. One of the most visceral and raw cars one can drive!

Storage Cars

A moment of tranquility for the cars in the stable.

Alpine A110 GT

One of those cars I have been waiting ages to see and it did not disappoint. Easy to use and sounds great. Can only image which it is like on the open road.

Bentley Mulsanne

A car to drive or to be drive in?


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