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Today I was lucky enough to visit the famous Zach's Garage, located in Surrey. For those who don't know, Zach's garage is a charity car museum setup by the Lewis family to display their enormous and varied collection of cars.

Started in 2004 after a "boring" holiday to Nice, Zach's father ended up buying a Mercedes-Benz 300B Cabriolet from an auction.

From that point onwards he has collected cars, memorabilia and ephemera related to cars. Yes, most of the cars in the collection now have incredible values attached to them, Mr Lewis has collected cars for their beauty and not wealth. Even openly admitting his wife is the car person!

In all their are 5 rooms with a varied collection of cars in. The first room, the "icon room" has some very special cars in including their Koenigsegg Regera, Muira and 300SL

The next room was full of British icons from Jaguar, Morgan, Rolls and Lagonda.

A new edition to the estate feature a mixed room with an incredible delivery miles Turbo S 964, polished body Cobra, BMW F1 Car and a custom Aston Martin Zagato.

Adjacent to the British icons room was the old timer museum which featured a beautifully recreated lube shop with period correct vehicles including tractors, pickups and petrol pumps. At this point we were intersected by Zach, who was filming for an upcoming video.

Finally on the far side of the compound was the racing Jags room with MG's. Like the old timer room, this was period correct and housed the C, D and E types beautifully.


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